Sunday, June 21, 2009

I Gotch-yer BIKE SCRIBBLE SHIRTS Riiiight Heeee-yah!

Otherwise known as shameless self marketing...

At long last the Bike Scribble shirts are available to buy online. They come in three different Scribble designs and many different colors.

This just in: Martha Van Inwegen creator of Action Wipes
brings the golden sun out in Pismo Beach

Here you can see Chris Carmichael proudly wearing the navy blue version. Thanks Chris!

And here is Tim Jackson smiling in his red Bike Scribble shirt while representing Masi at the Amgen Tour of California. Thanks Tim!
A demonstrative Dave Towle was announcing the Amgen Tour of California that day in Solvang so he couldn't put his on but gave me the high sign of approval. Thank you Dave.

Leonard Basobas of The Triple Crankset - uber cycling blog - looks sharp in green as he tirelessly covers the Paso Robles stage of ATOC. Thank you Len!

At the risk of being obnoxious, here's that link to the online store again:

So far you can get them in green, maroon, blue, navy, red, purple and maillot jaune gold. There are more folks out there who have the prototype shirts (and you know who you are) so I will be posting those photos soon. Truly, everyone thank you for your support in this little endeavor and thank you for reading this shameless piece of advertising.

Go Here!

This just in! Behold fabulous Miss Kris "K2" Keim rockin' her maroon sleeves. Thank you Kris! Once again, I love the internet!
Just transmitted across the Atlantic, Carlton Reid author of The Bike to Work Book in the Scribble and on his mtb! SWEET! Thanks Carlton. Have a great ride in the English countryside.


Anonymous said...

Very cute, will you be doing women's styles (short sleeves or tank tops). I would like to get one if so.

Anonymous said...
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