Thursday, June 11, 2009


Busy Busy Busy...

I've been out of touch...for awhile...working on a mural... about the Tour de France for Chris Carmichael's new training facility in Colorado Springs, "Carmichael Training Systems". The opening gala is on June 19th and I am working feverishly here:

with my faithful sidekick Eli in tow:

And it's looking something like this:

And this:

And this:

The grand opening for the public is on June 20th.

I am in a massage coma a the moment thanks to CTS' wonderful staff massage therapist Charissa and thankful for spell check but there will be more photos and details soon.

If you are looking for SCRIBBLE SHIRTS please click.


Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

The serene entrapment of serenity and a lack of internet connection...

... but at least this isolation and seclusion is proving fruitful.

It's always hard to paint the face of a man like Merckx since it has been photographed so many times and is one of the most iconic faces in cycling... if not THE MOST.

It's coming together nicely and then not long from now you will be able to return to a world filled with adequate cell signal and internet connections you can use all day, if you want!

I want one of those squirrels!

(Which section of the mural is mine again? Have you put my name on it yet?)

k2 said...

lookin' mighty fine... wish I could be there for the reveal!


Kk said...

K2, thanks! Me too, it would be way fun to have you here.

Tim, isn't that tufted squirrel the most enchanted little thing! You only see those high up on the mountain. Yes connection is key. Hard to believe I haven't seen TV in 2 months either. Don't actually miss it - except for bike racing. But the rented movie bill is adding up!