Monday, January 21, 2008

Sneak Preview

My Big Debut

Once upon a time, while still in high school I fell in love with the medium of radio, and of course, pop music. Friends and family had remarked on my 'awfully deep for a girl' voice since I was a child so it was fitting that my first internship would be at a radio station. I went on to study, not broadcasting, but media philosophy and linguistics, leaving radio behind. Finally, philosophy gave way to art and there I stayed.

While making plans to move to Santa Barbara I ran across this little video project. A philosopher needed a female voice over for her scientific proof on the existence/nonexistence of god. 'I can do that!' I thought. It sounded fun. Controversial, but I love ideas that stir the pot.

It was originally supposed to be only voice over but when I went for the audition they said "we like your look" so I ended up on camera. Working with a teleprompter for the first time was really cool. It was so much fun I decided to get back into doing it as a sideline.

Please bear in mind when you watch that I am reading a script. I was hired to do a job. Although, as an ex philosophy major, I do agree with the logic of the argument it by no means expresses my personal spiritual views. In a nutshell I believe that God is a spiritual concept, not a scientific one. My spiritual beliefs are quite complex and just that - beliefs - which don't require scientific proof.

I do believe that what has kept humanity at war throughout the centuries is our conflicting beliefs on spiritual "Truth" and the nature of "God". Dr. Atwater's proof is one way of offering a solution, in that if the existence of God cannot be proven scientifically then maybe we can stop killing each other over Him.

Mama always cautioned that if you want to keep the conversation polite steer clear of Politics and Religion. Polite conversation is boring. Dialog is how the human race evolves. So feel free to make all the comments you want. Of course anything vulgar or mean spirited will be deleted.

The video will be released on YouTube soon and we'll see what happens...

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