Sunday, January 6, 2008

A Good Day to Be a Duck

It's cold and damp and drizzly here in So. Cal. The big storm has passed and everything is soaked. People are huddled around the fourth cup of coffee because it warms the hands.

I know we don't know from REAL cold here in subtropical/desert paradise but it's cold enough on a Sunday for us to just stay inside, hang out in the kitchen cooking roasts and soups and wait for the sun to come out again. Wusses!

I really don't have anything to write about yet, except waiting. I'm waiting for a video I made to be released on YouTube. Waiting to be able to ride my bike again. Waiting for Monday to talk to clients. Waiting to cast my vote and for the Bush administration to grind to a halt - at long bloody last!

I am painting today, but can't share that yet. It's a bike painting...! More on that later - when it's ready for public consumption.

For now I will give you the Great Blue Heron, hunkered down on the marsh, and Eli the cat (take note "Suitcase..." Chris) all curled up. These two pretty well sum up the mood around here.

Stay warm.

Makes you wish you had a long furry tail doesn't it.


Donna T. said...

It's kind of bizarre - you are cold and wet and we (in New England) are having a little mid-winter thaw. We're in the middle of spring-like temps. Odd.

I, too, am waiting to cast my vote in the primary....can't come too soon.

Looking forward to seeing the painting!

Kk said...

Thanks Donna. Can you believe it!? Soon we will be able to travel abroad again without having to explain our president!

Oh Happy Day.