Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Feast With Friends

The turn of events in Colorado Springs necessitated a spontaneous sojourn to Cortez Colorado to visit an artist friend from Leucadia California. Six years ago Fiona had moved to Cortez and built her own house near Ute Mountain. I love serendipity! Cortez really surprised me. The majestic landscape of the ancient Navajo and Ute people inspires a peace I have not known in a long time. A perfect and most welcome respite for my weary soul. The very breeze is healing. My old friend Fiona is thriving in this land and is an exceedingly gracious host. I'm meeting warm and delightfully vibrant people. I feel so blessed in this place.

Sweet Gary Fisher on loan from Kokopelli's Bike Shop

"Slow Food" from Fiona's garden

Hungry Pest

Road to Utah

Welcome Neighbor

Road to Cortez

Ute Mountain


Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

Breathe in, breathe out... live and feel.

Soak in the kindness and the recharging beauty around you. (That's an order... ;-))

Kk said...

Now Tim, that comment almost brought a tear to my eye! I'd say you're too sweet but I don't want you to lose a crystal of it!