Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Congrats Cavendish! (or, take that, ToC)

Yeah Sweetheart, you really did just win stage 5 of Le Tour de France!
photo: AFP

Mark Cavendish, the "Manx Express" has won stage five, the longest stage of Le Tour de France, 232km from Cholet to Chateauroux. Hopes were high after his brilliant performance winning two stages of the Giro d'Italia and now his place in history is assured. The new-to-the-Tour, Team Columbia has made their 'mark' on this tour indeed. I guess we'll have to stop calling them "team boring kit". Champagne all around!

After stage six of the ToC (and before the disqualification decree),
Mark is interviewed by Bob Roll. You can also see the fabled Graham Watson over Mark's shoulder.
photo: Kathleen King

I'll never forget the confusion after stage six of the Tour of California as throngs of press and officials milled around for twenty minutes waiting for the decision that Cavendish would be stripped of his breathtaking stage win on a technicality. Well, take that ToC, this kid's got wings on his feet. It's a great year to be Mark Cavendish. Go Baby Go!

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